40 Songs for High Voice and Piano - Purcell

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High voice and piano (high voice)
Composed by Henry Purcell (1659-1695). Edited by Sergius Kagen. Vocal score.

Song List:

  1. We Sing To Him 
  2. Music for A While 
  3. Ah! How Pleasant 'tis Love 
  4. Thrice happy Lovers 
  5. Sweeter than roses 
  6. What Can We Poor Females Do 
  7. Fairest Isle 
  8. If music be the food of love (3rd version) 
  9. If music be the food of love (1st version) 
  10. I saw that you were grown so high 
  11. Man Is for the Woman Made 
  12. From Rosy Bowers 
  13. Ah, Belinda, I Am Prest 
  14. Thy Hand, Belinda! When I Am Laid In Earth 
  15. What Shall I Do 
  16. Your Awful Voice 
  17. More Love And More Disdain 
  18. Since From My Dear 
  19. The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation 
  20. The Fatal Hour 
  21. I'll Sail Upon The Dog Star 
  22. Silvia, No Your Scorn 
  23. 'Tis Nature's Voice 
  24. Bess Of Bedlam 
  25. Cease, O My Sad Soul 
  26. Strike The Viol 
  27. Lord, what is man 
  28. Sound The Trumpet 
  29. Hark! The Ech'ing Air 
  30. Not all my torments 
  31. O, Lead Me To Some Peaceful Gloom 
  32. Sweet, Be No Longer Sad 
  33. I Attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly 
  34. An Evening Hymn 
  35. There's Not A Swain On The Plain 
  36. Nymphs and Shepherds 
  37. Hark! How All Things 
  38. Come All Ye Songsters 
  39. The Queen's Epicedium 
  40. The Knotting Song