A Practical Approach to Beginning Clarinet by David Etheridge

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A Practical Approach to the Clarinet for Beginning Clarinetists and their Teacher is an owner's manual for the clarinet. It provides a practical way for first time players to learn the basic elements of clarinet playing. It's many illustrations and skill building games allow beginning clarinetist to learn the instrument in a manner that builds a strong foundation for their playing. This volume, along with others in the series, is also excellent for woodwind techniques or method classes.

This book will help beginning clarinetists learn the following:

  • Proper assembly of the clarinet
  • Getting a great tone from the beginning
  • Fingering for notes from low E to C above the staff (including chromatic notes)
  • Proper method for articulation (tonguing)
  • Using notes for the little fingers ("pinky" notes)
  • Smooth control of the register change
  • Playing beautiful high notes (to C above the staff)
  • Also included: Daily Drills to reinforce all of the above skills