Flow Studies Vol. 2 for Trumpet - Cichowicz

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Vincent Cichowicz’ Flow Studies-Volume Two with Russian Studies includes many of the latter flow studies from the old Northwestern syllabus as well as some of Mr. Cichowicz’s favorite Russian etudes from the late 19th and early 20th century. These studies will help the dedicated trumpet student develop a smooth, non-stressed approach to executing phrases that explore the full range of the trumpet. They are designed to help expose areas where only the most efficient use of the air and a relaxed approach to playing the instrument will render positive results. This book is for the more ambitious or advanced trumpet player who seeks to perfect his or her playing to a professional level. It contains two CD’s that feature former students of Vincent Cichowicz performing many of the etudes. The list of players includes Neal Berntsen, Larry Black, Bruce Briney, Barbara Butler, Charley Butler, Charles Daval, Robert Dorer, Charlie Geyer, Kevin Hartman, Mark Hughes, Larry Knoop, Jeff Korak, Rex Richardson, Judy Saxton, Dave Vonderheide, Robert Walp & Eric Yates.

Published by Studio 259 Productions.