Hand Crafted Green Resonator Acoustic/Electric Cigar Box Guitar

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Handcrafted with reclaimed or local material in Norwood, NY by Chris Weems.

The history of this instrument dates back to the 1800's and continues through today, where the Cigar Box Guitar movement spans across the world. You can play blues, folk, and much more on these instruments, not to mention they will make a great addition to your collection! These guitars are built with the intention to bring you back to the roots of music, help you to loosen up, set aside the seriousness of this crazy world, and have fun!

  • 4-String Acoustic Electric with resonator.
  • Tuned to Open G (GDGB)
  • 24 inch scale with 20 frets
  • Victory Guitars Magnetic pick-up with volume and tone control
  • Nickel-Silver Fretwire
  • Hand rubbed Satin Finish
  • Curly Maple neck
  • Quartersawn Sepele fretboard
  • Curly Maple fret markers
  • Corian nut
  • Sepele Biscuit and Deer Antler bridge
  • Douglas Fir body featuring a curly maple top
  • Dog Dish resonator
  • Strap Buttons

For more info or inquiries; christopherweems@rocketmail.com