Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 30B: Jazz Rhythm Section Work-Out

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Designed for all rhythm section players and teachers. Listen to the CD as you would any jazz recording, as the melody is played in and out and the musicians solo, comp., and trade fours. Then, using your stereo balance control, eliminate your part and sit in! This is a tremendous tool for teachers; allowing isolation and careful study of each instrument's role with definitive chapters in the booklet that are written by the artists. Includes piano & guitar voicings, transcribed bass lines, outstanding drum information, and transcribed solos by Haerle, Petersen, and Coolman. Our first play-along where the drummer can be turned off and students can trade fours and eights with the pros (Volume 30B only). Rhythm Section: Dan Haerle (p); Todd Coolman (b); Jack Petersen (g); Ed Soph (d).