Kasza Cymbals 14" F-Series Light Top/Medium Bottom Hi-Hats

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All Fusion Series Cymbals are dry, dark and complex, possessing all of the perfect textures and timbres for playing funk or jazz fusion. All Kasza Cymbals are hand-picked for sound quality and craftsmanship to satisfy the demands of the most discerning musicians. This series feature fully hand-hammered cymbals in the ancient tradition of cymbal making. Made from pure B20 cast bronze (80% copper, 20% tin), all Kasza cymbals are handpicked for sound quality and workmanship.

Fusion Series Cymbals are designed for complex styles of music like funk or jazz fusion. Cut thin with a small bell, the cymbals are dry and dark with a fast decay. 

Finally a professional quality cymbal that won't break the bank. All Kasza cymbals are serialized and guaranteed with a limited warranty. The best kept secret in cymbals.