Sight-Reading Book 2 for Viola, by John Kember

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An approach to sight-reading based on self-learning and recognition of rhythmic and melodic patterns. Original melodies instead of abstract sight-reading exercises. 150 gradually increasing pieces of music in a variety of musical styles. 5 parts that deal with the technical development of the Violist. The melodies increase to keys with 5 sharps and 5 flats. Whole-tone, chromatic, modal, and atonal elements are also incorporated. Each part ends with duets and accompanied pieces to practice sight-reading in interaction with others. Difficulty levels intermediate to advanced.

Published by Schott Music, edited by Rodger Smith.



  • Part 1: Revision, Solos, Duets, Accompanied Pieces
  • Part 2: Intro to Ab major, E major, and B minor, Solos, Duets, Accompanied Pieces
  • Part 3: Intro to F and Bb minor, Solos, Duets, Accompanied Pieces
  • Part 4: B major, 5/4, 5/8, 7/8 Time, Ornaments, and Treble Clef, Solos, Duets, Accompanied Pieces
  • Part 5: Jigs, Reels, Time Changes, Styles/Tonalities, Solos, Duets, Acc. Pieces