Yamaha Total Percussion Snare Kit

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Yamaha Total Percussion kits give beginning students an instrument that is easy to play and has a quality of sound consistent with the larger instruments on which they will one day perform.


  • With a newly designed Yamaha 13" wood snare drum and a modular, component system, Yamaha has reduced the carrying weight for the student
  • Allows educators to create the ideal kit and only invest in the components of it that they will need
  • Durable soft backpack style case with reflective safety stripes
  • Unique 13" x 3" mini wood snare kit joins light weight with quality sound and feel
  • Modular case design allows pairing with rolling cart and bell kit
  • Simple, durable snare strainer ensure trouble-free use
  • Internal snare mute is quiet and rattle-free
  • Lightweight snare mute included for quiet practice
  • Short base snare stand is lightweight, yet sturdy