Instrument Rental

We offer reliable, high quality band and orchestra instruments from the most well respected manufacturers in the industry. We have a monthly payment plan and between 5/30/20 and 10/28/20 we offer a trial period where you pay for one month and get the next two months for FREE! Additionally, your payments build equity towards the purchase of an instrument. If you would like to purchase a brand new or a used instrument we will apply your equity (less insurance and tax) towards the purchase price and give you an additional 30% off the balance.

In the event an instrument isn’t playing properly or gets damaged, we will exchange it for a new one at no additional charge and without having to wait for repair. We visit over 40 school districts in a 90 mile radius and can arrange free school delivery or convenient pick up in our store.

Helpful Online Rental Hints:

  • Select whether or not you would like the instrument immediately or in the fall at the beginning of the school year.
  • Select whether or not you prefer to pick the instrument up at the store or if you would like us deliver it to the school.
  • To purchase books or accessories, visit our website 
  • Not sure what books or accessories you need? Check our School Supply List.

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