School Supply Information

Through our long standing relationships with local teachers and their music programs, we have compiled a list of products students need for success. Feel free to search for the books or accessories at the top of the page for purchase.

If you are renting an instrument from us, please note that all clarinets and saxes come with a internal cleaning swab and cork grease. All trumpets, trombones, French horns, and Euphoniums come with the necessary oil. Slide grease is not included.

Supplies are arranged by school:

Ausable Valley
Essential Elements for Band Book 1
Reeds-Vandoren 2.5

Brushton Moira

Essential Elements for Band Book 1

Beaver River

Essential Elements for Band Book 1
Fresh Approach to Snare Drum
Fresh Approach to Mallets

Beekmantown (including Cumberland Head)

Sound Innovations for Band Book 1
Sound Innovations Book 1 for Combined Percussio

Reeds- Rico 2.5

Brasher Falls/ St. Lawrence Central

Accent on Achievement Book 1 (5th Graders)
Accent on Achievement Book 2 (6th Graders) 
Reeds- Rico (Orange Box) 3.0                                                                                               Vandoren (Blue Box) 2.5

Carthage                                                                                                    Breeze Easy Book 1                                                    Essential Elements for Band Book 1 (Percussion)                            Reeds- Rico 2.5


Sound Innovations Book 1
Sound Innovations Book 1 for Combined Percussion
Reeds-Rico 2.5
Folding Music Stand
Valve Oil (trumpet)
Rotor Oil (french horn)
Slide grease (trumpet & trombone)
Selmer slide grease (french horn)
Slide Cream and Spray Bottle (Trombone)
Polishing Cloth (trombone)


Essential Elements for Band Book 1
Reeds- Any Brand 2.0/ box 10
Reed Case
Cleaning Swab/ Mouthpiece Brush
Cork Grease for Sax or Clarinet

Clifton Fine

Standard of Excellence Book 1
Reeds- Rico 2.5

Colton Pierrepont
Standard of Excellence Book 1
Reeds- Rico 2.5

Beginning Band Method

Essential Elements for Band Book 1

Edwards Knox
Accent on Achievement Book 1
Breeze Easy Book (Percussion only)

Measures of Success Book 1

Essential Elements Book 1- Band
Orchestra Expressions Book 1-Orchestra

Standard of Excellence Book 1(non-enhanced edition)
Reeds- Rico 2.5
Oboe Reeds- LaVoz MS


Standard of Excellence Book 1

Hermon Dekalb
Accent on Achievement Book 1

Accent on Achievement Book 1

Indian River
Breeze Easy Book 1

Keene Valley
Yamaha Band Student Book 1

Lake Placid
Accent on Achievement Book 1

Standard of Excellence Book 1 (Wind Instruments Only)
Student Instrumental Course Book 1 (Wind Instruments Only)
Alfred Drum Method
Reeds- Rico 3.0 (Qty 4+)
Drumsticks- Promark 5AW, 5BW, and Vic Firth SD1
Promark Stick Bag
Al Cass Valve Oil (not for rental instruments)

Little River School
Sound Innovations for Band Book 1

Madrid Waddington 
Standard of Excellence Book 1

Breeze Easy Book 1
Reeds- Rico 2.0
Malone Percussion Pack

Standard of Excellence- Book 1-Band
Essential Elements for Strings Book 1- Orchestra
Reeds- Rico 2.5

Standard of Excellence Book 1

Norwood Norfolk
Measures of Success Book 1
Alfred Drum Method Book 1 (Percussion Only)
Reeds- Rico 2.5 Clarinet/ Rico 2.5 Saxophone

Northeastern Clinton
Tradition of Excellence Book 1


Standard of Excellence Book 1
Reeds- Rico 2.0

Accent on Achievement Book 1-Band
Essential Elements for Strings Book 1-Orchestra
Reeds- Rico 2.5

Standard of Excellence Book 1
Reeds- Rico 2.5 (Qty 5+)
Drumsticks 5AW and SD1
Rubber Mallets
Mallet Bag
Guitar capo and tuner

Essential Elements for Band Book 1
Reeds- Rico 2.5 (Qty 5+)

Standard of Excellence Book 1
Sound Innovations for String Orchestra Book 1

Salmon River 
Standard of Excellence Book 1

Essential Elements for Band Book 1
Breeze Easy Book 1 (for drums only)
Reeds- Vandoren or Rico 2.5 (Qty 6)
Reed Case
Cleaning Swab-(for clarinet and saxophone)
Cork Grease-(for clarinet and saxophone)
Drumsticks 5B
Practice Pad with Stand
Mouthpiece Brush (for all instruments except flute)
Valve Oil (for trumpet)
Slide Oil (for trombone)
Spray Bottle (for trombone)

Saranac Lake
Standard of Excellence Book 1(non-enhanced edition)

St. Regis Falls
Accent on Achievement Book 1

St. Regis Mohawk School
Standard of Excellence Book 1

St. Mary's Canton
Sound Innovations for Band Book 1

Tupper Lake
Beginning Band Method
Reeds- Rico 2.5

Sound Innovations Book 1
Reeds- Rico 2.0